Windows Phone 7 16MP Camera Handset Coming from HTC: Video

Thus far, HTC have only pushed our smartphones with a camera no higher than 8 megapixels, however it would appear that HTC is working on bringing a 16 megapixel camera toting Windows Phone 7 device to the market.

We get a hint of this by way of a short video courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Pocket Now, which shows off a smartphone that is supposed to spot a 16-megapixel camera in the video, but strangely resembles the Android powered HTC Desire S.

The guys do say that is of course with the exception of the buttons, so they reckon it’s a placeholder for whichever handset the new WP7 device may come out to play as. Along with that 16 megapixel snapper is a dual LED flash, while no other details are mentioned.

So that’s all we know at the moment, HTC is possibly working on this 16MP Windows Phone 7 handset, so to check it out head on down and mash the play button and feel free to let us know your thoughts…enjoy.


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  1. The mobile phone users are awaiting for this new version of phone from HTC specially i want to say that this new version is coming with a great feature of 16 mega pixel cam it is really wonder.

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