The Royal Wedding App: Note to Will & Kate

Currently the news dominating the UK is of course the royal wedding between William and Kate, which kicks off on Friday the 29th of April in London, and will no doubt be covered across the globe. So how would you like to send the happy couple your well wishes for the occasion?

Well if you own an iOS device you can download an app called Note to the Royal Couple, and app that allows the user to send an anonymous note the prince and his soon to be wife from their iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad.

With the Note to the Royal Couple iOS app every note sent is stored on a database anonymously, and the user can browse notes that have been previously sent by other users. The sender can’t be identified and once the note is sent it is final.

If other users like your note they can choose to up vote that note by tapping on the crown icon, or if they find the note offensive they can down vote the note by tapping a circle-slash icon.

The Note to the Royal Couple app can be downloaded to your iOS device as a free download from iTunes, although I’m not too sure whether William or Kate will actually get to read any of these notes, but I figure there’s always a chance right?

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