White iPhone 4 Running iOS 5 Captured on Video

It’s looking more and more likely that the Apple unicorn, the white iPhone 4 is finally coming out to play and today a white iPhone 4 has shown up on video, but not just any run-of-the-mill white version of the iPhone, but one sporting iOS 5.

Of course we have the footage for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of 9to5 Mac, by way of Engadget and from the guys over at Tinhte, two videos actually, one showing iOS 5 running on a white iPhone 4 and the other shows of the smartphones hardware.

According to the guys, iOS 5 looks like it has ditched the Spotlight search menu in favour of an Expose multitasking page with Spotlight menu atop its display.

Now of course there’s no real confirmation that this is indeed a real white iPhone 4 or that it is running the real iOS 5, so head on down and take a gander at the videos and let us know if you think it is the real deal…enjoy.


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