Apple (AAPL) Earnings: Amazing Q2 Results

Apple released their Q2 results earlier and well, as no doubt everyone expected the iPhone and iPad offering company results were up in the billions, with Apple posting almost a whopping $25 billion in revenue.

According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog, 18 million iPhone 4 handsets were shipped across the globe, and after Apple announced the impressive figures they held a questions and answers session.

Apple senior VP and CFO, Peter Oppenheimer was there to give a few details on the effects to the supply chain of the Japan disaster, and basically confirmed that Apple isn’t having any problems with supplies although that could change depending on the Japan situation.

Someone also inquired from Apple acting CEO Tim Cook, about Steve Jobs state of health, to which Cook responded “Steve really wants to return to work full time, but is currently still on medical leave,” although apparently Steve is still involved in major decisions.

When analysts inquired about future Apple gear, Apple dodged the subject; however, Tim Cook did take time to reiterate their stance on 4G tech saying… “First generation LTE chipsets still cause major design compromises that Apple isn’t willing to make. We are happy with the performance and the sales of both the iPhone 4 and the 3GS thanks to the $49.99 AT&T promotion.”

Apparently Apple also said that the large numbers were in part due to releasing the Verizon iPhone, something most of us out here in the mobile space reckoned would have a positive effect anyway.

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