Apple iPhone: Just How Green Is It

The Apple iPhone is one of the widest used smartphones on the face of this planet so there is a lot of them about, but have you ever wondered what affect the iOS smartphone was having on the environment?

Well the guys over at Geekaphone have completed their green study of the Apple handset and have come up with in interesting infographic on the subject of how green is the iPhone that delivers a few facts for your consideration.

Facts such as if every iPhone handset sold in 2010 were charged once; it would be equal to leaving a light bulb turned on for a whopping 357 years, seems like a long time and a lot of energy to me.

Other environmental fact include less than 10 percent of phones are recycled, 47 million iPhones where sold in 2010 with 4,700,000 being recycled even though Apple offer free recycling of their iOS handsets. Anyway, check out the infographic below and feel free to share your thoughts to our comments area below.

how green is the iphone
Geekaphone’s How Green is the iPhone Infographic

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