Plastic Surgery App: Includes Consultation

We have a little something for anyone who is considering Facial Plastic Surgery, an app consisting of before and after photographs of operations that were conducted by Dr. Steven Denenberg an expert in facial plastic surgery, with degrees from Harvard and Stanford Universities, two board certifications, twenty-five years of experience, and an international clientele. So you can decide if he is the surgeon for you.

The application is an easy-to-navigate collection of photographs from Dr. Denenberg’s Web site, FacialSurgery.com. Please note that this iOS app is not a game. The app is for people who are considering having Dr. Denenberg undertake their surgery and gives them an insight into the kinds of changes he has accomplished.

The application enables the patient to study over three hundred before and after photographs in a more responsive and faster format than that of browsing through the Web and with this app, the patient can contact Dr. Denenberg to ask questions. Apple iPhone users can use their smartphones to take their photos and send them to Dr. Denenberg, all without having to come out of the app and they will receive personal responses from Dr. Denenberg to all communications. Also, they get a free online consultation.

Loading the app onto an Apple iPad enables you to be able to read the app’s electronic books. These Tutorials teach you how the most common facial plastic surgery operations are carried out, with numerous photos taken during surgery, diagrams and clear explanations. The Manuals show how Dr. Denenberg explains the operations to his patients and gives information about what it is like to go through surgery and the aftercare.

For more information on the Facial Plastic Surgery: Before and Afters app, visit the App shopper site and if you decide that Dr. Denenberg is the surgeon for you, why not download this free iOS app to your device. Please let us know if you are considering facial plastic surgery with Dr. Denenberg or if you have already undergone surgery with him, please tell us of your experience.


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  1. oÄŸuz says:

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