The Royal Wedding Special App: Live Chat, Photos & Coverage

The Royal Wedding today was stunning and Prince William and Kate looked amazing, continue this grand day with the help of the “Royal Wedding Special” app for your Apple device.

The Royal Wedding Special app is brilliant because it gives you all the latest news and complete coverage of the wedding and day’s event, the information via this app is updated in real time, check out more features below.

Other Features Include: You can upload your own favourite Royal Wedding photos, join real time live chat about the Royal Wedding, you can get true offline information, you can even share via email etc.

For more information and option to download/install this “Royal Wedding Special” app please visit iTunes. You may also like an app we wrote about a little earlier today called “Kings and Queens” by David Starkey.

If you would like to let us know what you thought about the wedding please use the commenting area below. Thank you


2 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding Special App: Live Chat, Photos & Coverage”

  1. Herman Hotwater says:

    Who cares….
    A couple of years from now she, Kate, will be up early morning packing William a bologna sandwich and a twinkie in a lunch box as he goes off to work. This marriage is no more special than any marriage in the eye of God. I am a lot more excited about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Now that will really be an event…

  2. Where there's a wedding there's money to be made. This is just going to far.
    Is the monarchy that broke that they have to revert to this to make a pound or euro, whatever their using.
    Please people, enough with the apps.

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