Did You Buy The White iPhone 4, What Network?

The white iPhone 4 was released yesterday and available to buy and we would love to know if you decided to buy one and if so what network did you get in on.

We reported yesterday that the white iPhone 4 is available to buy now but after such a long delay did you buy one, or are you just going to wait for the September release of the iPhone 5 aka iPhone 4S?

The White iPhone 4 can be bought via Apple UK from £510 and Apple US from $199 for Verizon or AT&T, did you get via the Apple Store or from your network provider, please do let us know if you bought the iPhone 4 in white and what network you are on.

If we know the above it will let us know how many of our readers bought one and what the favoured network is. Thanks

Please do visit our other article of the white iPhone 4 being handled on video, leave as many comments as you like. Enjoy


2 thoughts on “Did You Buy The White iPhone 4, What Network?”

  1. C J says:

    Just switched from O2 (through the carphone warehouse), direct to Vodafone. Sick to death with CPW getting bill's wrong and 02 not even acknowledging me as a customer due to CPW administering the account on their behalf. Plus Vodafone's international services are pretty good.

    Was the first to buy the White iPhone from my local Vodafone store yesterday morning…..it's pretty sweet. A guy being served next to me was in the middle of upgrading to an HTC and just before it was all done my new toy came out the box, he saw it and instantly asked the sales guy to go fetch him one instead of the HTC.

  2. Wayne says:

    Anyone buying an Iphone4 in white must be barking mad as the iPhone 5 is just around the corner. My advice to anyone would be to wait now as Apple wont get it that wrong again when the launch the iPhone 5 so I bet the black and white will be available from day one.

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