iPhone 5 Canada Release Date: Please Bring 4G

For those in Canada that are awaiting the release of the iPhone 5, the handset is expected to arrive in your stores sometime in September 2011.

If this September date were true, this would mean a big deviation from Apple’s usual schedule of June or July for their iPhone releases and could interfere with future iPod upgrades, say Industry analysts. This possible late release date of the iPhone coincides with our article earlier today on the ‘iPhone 5 Not Releasing June or July Confirms AT&T’ — see full article here.

Now it appears that the delay could stem from chip suppliers not receiving many orders for the iPhone 5, which has had a knock on effect and led to vendors for the casing and touchscreen to proceed slowly, also. It is also believed that there have been issues surrounding the image sensor, which have made Apple hold back on the release and thus, giving them the extra time to enhance and develop the next generation iPhone.

However, as indicated in the article by eCanadaNow, there is possibly another contributing factor to the delay, the mid-cycle release of a CMDA version iPhone 4, which is operational with the United States’ Verizon mobile network. Whilst, this handset is not believed to be distributed outside of the USA, the appearance of it may have an effect everywhere else on the development cycle of the GSM iPhone.

The majority of Canadian iPhone users that are awaiting the arrival of Apple’s iPhone 5 are quite satisfied with the iPhone 4. However, they would like to see the addition of 4G data capability and a resolution to the antenna issue. Would you like to see 4G data capability incorporated within the iPhone 5? Please let us know below.


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  1. jorge says:

    I can’t be waiting forever, if the iPhone 5 is not released by the fall, I’ll stick to Blackberry or will buy an Android, Apple is great at making you feel bad for your purchases, making you wish you had waited just a little longer.

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