iPhone 5 First SIM Free Pre-order Offered In UK

Okay, so no one is too sure on just when the iPhone 5 will see release from Apple, some still say it will be June or July, some say September while others say later, but apparently not knowing the actual release date for the fifth generation iPhone doesn’t stop it from going on pre-order in the UK.

Apparently Greentrust UK have arranged to have the iPhone 5 as soon as it becomes available and thus have now put the iPhone 5 up for pre-order whereby you can either pre-order on a business contract or pre-order a SIM free iPhone 5 from the first limited supply.

They say “You can be amongst the very first in the UK to hold the iPhone 5 in your hands and show it off to your friends!”

Apparently you can pre-order the SIM free iPhone 5, a full version of the iPhone 5 and not the Nano, and you’ll be required to fork over £195 ex-VAT per device for which you’ll receive a certificate of confirmation that you have secured one of the fist batch of iPhone 5 handsets.

So apparently you can shell out 195 quid and get a piece of paper saying you are entitled to the latest iOS smartphone when it eventually becomes available in the UK, so anyone temped to pre-order the iPhone 5 right now?


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  1. Hi, Stan Thomas from Greentrustuk.org here. Thank you for covering our UK exclusive deal for the new iPhone. We are a fairly small (yet influential!) operation and are remarkably weak at using the internet for marketing (new guy starting in a couple of weeks). Just to clarify, the deposit is a mark of sincerity from the customer as we have had to work hard to get this release, as soon as Apple release their price we are contacting our customer base to tell them how much extra they need to pay. The phone will be at a slight premium of £29 over the Apple recommended retail price.
    Hope this helps, less than fifty units left so be quick if you do want to pre-order.
    Best regards,

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