How Is Your White iPhone 4: Happy or Not

It took Apple some considerable time to finally manage to deliver on their promise of the white iPhone 4, and I’m fairly sure many of those hoping to gain the white iOS smartphone chose in the end to purchase a black iPhone rather than continue to wait.

But eventually Apple did release the white iPhone 4, and obviously many have throw expense to the wind and gone a picked up the handset whether they have a black version or not as the case may be.

But we’d like to know is it worth picking up the white iPhone 4, how has the white iPhone 4 been for you, are you happy or not that you now have the elusive white iPhone 4 in your hands.

Perhaps you are not very happy with your white iPhone 4 for some reason; does the antenna issue with the black iPhone worsen with the white iPhone?

Whatever your views on the white iPhone 4 we’d love you to comment in our comments area on whether to are elated or disappointed with the white version of the iPhone 4 and why.


4 thoughts on “How Is Your White iPhone 4: Happy or Not”

  1. mrdowntown says:

    What? Can't find anytime negative about the "WHITE"? Hey let's start another rumor today "Hit-Piece" article. Shame on you!!

  2. Joe says:

    It is a beautiful phone, and it really does set itself apart from the sea of all black phones. Happy with it. No issues with antenna etc.

  3. Gary Everett says:

    The black iPhone 4 is just so last year right now. Anyone with a black one should just go right out and change it for a white one. Am I really that racist?

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