T-Mobile Prepaid Plans Being Revamped Later in Month

If you are a T-Mobile customer with a prepaid unlimited talk and text plan, the word is that on Sunday the 22nd of this month, said customers may be in for a surprise as T-Mobile is revamping their prepaid offerings.

According to Phone Dog by way of Tmonews, at present T-Mobile prepaid unlimited talk and text plans come with 100MB data at a cost of 50 bucks a month or 2GB data for 70 bucks a month; however as of the 22nd of May that data allowance is set to rise.

So here’s how it pans out as of the 22nd, T-mobile customers on the $50 a month plan will continue to get 100MB a month but now will be at 4G and once that 100MB is surpassed data speed will be throttled, however the customer will not be require as they do now to up their plan or purchase a DayPass for $1.49.

For those on the $70 2GB plan, as of the 22nd of May T-Mobile will give you unlimited data, which is an improvement over that 2GB, but it isn’t clear whether T-Mobile will also throttle data speeds on this option. Details of the new plans can be viewed here and here.

Does the news of the new prepaid plans make any of our T-Mobile readers consider switching to prepaid as of the 22nd of May?

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