Stock Killer: Apple Killing Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson

When it comes to the mobile stock market it seems Apple is killing other companies such as Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. iPhone sales are so powerful that these named firms really need to reinvent themselves or face a massive stock drop.

InvestorPlace have hit upon something very interesting indeed saying, that 3 smartphone stock’s could be killed off by Apple, over the last five years Apple (AAPL) have become very strong indeed in the stock investment category and share prices are just getting stronger and stronger.

When you sit back and think that Apple have shipped over 18.7-million iPhones worldwide during its first quarter of 2011, Nokia have always been at the top and still are but they will become number two by the end of this year of 2011 and Apple will be victors. Apple has an overall 19-percent of the smartphone market, which is staggering.

The Apple smartphone business has grown by 114-percent in the last 12-months, Please read the full stock report via InestorPlace and see what you take on all of this.

Do you think that Apple could kill the smartphone industry leaving other companies such as RIM, Nokia and Sony Ericsson with a dilemma?


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