Stupid Monkeys iOS App: Crazy Cool Game

Monkeys are usually considered to be very smart animals, unfortunately that does not seem to apply to the ones in the iOS app ‘Stupid Monkeys’ (the name says it all).

In this app, which is compatible with all Apple iOS devices, you have to help the monkeys collect food with your superiority of your brain capacity, as the monkeys in the game are just too stupid to figure anything out for themselves.

The Stupid Monkeys is a brand new super cute app that is simple, but highly addictive at the same time. You will have great fun cutting vines and watching the monkeys fly across your screen in some crazy poses. Please note that if you do download this iOS app to your Apple device, addictiveness to this crazy cool game is guaranteed — you have been warned!

Here are few game tips to becoming a top swinger in the jungle: 1). Make certain of hitting the fruit to ensure you do not get an X. 2) Avoid hitting the bombs. 3) By hurrying you avoid getting several monkeys on the screen at the same time. 4) if a fruit grows beside a bomb, just wait a short while for another to appear.

In future updates, you can expect further levels, more content packs and improvements. So why not swing on over to iTunes and install this FREE app to your iOS device. Please leave us your comments below.


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