Apple MacBooks Have Thunderbolt, iPhone 5 Possible feature

Apple has just introduced Thunderbolt technology into its iMacs and MacBooks so it stands to reason that the iPhone 5 could possibly feature this new port.

The latest news surrounding the Web comes via GizmoCrunch by way of SemiAccurate reporting that the iPhone 5 could incorporate Thunderbolt technology, it seems that Mini-Displayport could be replaced with Thunderbolt I/O port (Light Peak) to give customers a much faster data transfer speed as well as charge up times simultaneously.

If you look below this news article we have put a poll together asking what port would you like featured on the upcoming September release Apple iPhone 5, please take a look at the different options and please vote your favourite.

Thunderbolt will give you better speeds than others such as USB2 and USB3, obviously the iPhone 5 will not give you speeds like the MacBook Pro, MacBook air or iMacs that would be crazy to think that, but even so Thunderbolt port on the iPhone 5 would be a stunning addition.

Please check out our poll setup below and vote now, thanks for joining in.

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