Dell Venue Pro Firmware Update Coming Soon

Apparently owners of the Dell Venue Pro smartphone have been having a bit of a bad time with their Windows Phone 7 device in as much as the handset is suffering problems with WiFi and random crashes even though the handset has already received the Microsoft NoDo update.

However there may be a little light at the end of the tunnel for Dell Venue Pro owners as according to an article over on Engadget by way of Wmpowersuser, a member of XDA-developer forum has been in contact with a Dell support rep.

Apparently said Dell support rep stated that Dell will be rolling out the firmware update to all devices as of May the 18th, although they didn’t say the update would fix all the problems, so one should obviously take this with a grain of salt and treat purely as a rumour for now.

However, according to WMpoweruser, they received an email from a reader who has been in contact with the chief blogger at Dell and asked him to confirm the 5/18 update roll out date to which he replied…” No… honestly, I don’t have an ETA on the Dell update. 7392 has to go out first. From what I understand, it is just starting to roll out.”

Any of our Dell Venue Pro packing readers out there experiencing any of these issues, and if so will you be glad when Dell finally pushes out the firmware update?

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