Lose Weight via Smartphone App Lose It: Brilliant

If you are sitting there thinking about weight loss and how to lose weight then maybe you should consider the iOS smartphone app called “Lose It”, this is what we call brilliant and downloadable worthy.

Lose It is a great weight loss app with many features that sets goals and will calculate a daily calorie budget, apparently the average user of this app has lost over 12lbs.

Main Features Include: This is a very simple and attractive app with a fantastic user interface, it comes with a massive and comprehensive food database, you can add new foods or exercises to the database, setup recipes for more complicated foods, track nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and more, plus it features the ability to quickly add to your log with previous meals, my foods, and other shortcuts and so much more.

You can log your food and exercise on Loseit.com, add friends for extra support and motivation, get reminded when you forget to log your meals, see more detailed online reports, earn badges to recognize your success, automatically keep a back-up of your data, setup daily or weekly email reports, export your data to excel, share your progress on Facebook or Twitter, the list goes on.

When someone asks you “Can smartphones really help you lose weight?” you know you can answer that question with a simple YES, for more information about the iOS App called “Lose It” please visit iTunes where you can download for free. Screenshots below:

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