iDJ iOS App for Mixing Customised Soundtracks

For the iOS faithful that would like an easy way to create seamless synchronised playlists using their iPod or iTunes library on their iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad there is a new iOS app available that can do that and is called the iDJ app.

The iDJ app for iOS devices enables the user to make continuous mixtapes instantly of their favourite tunes blended together as a single perfect rhythm with its simple and streamlined management system.

The iDJ iOS app enables the user to create playlists that can contain an unlimited number of songs, playlists can support MP3, WAV and AAC files, mix up to four songs simultaneously for a complete new playlist experience, and features a tempo graph to help make informed song choices that are based on beat analysis.

With the iDJ app as the user adds songs the app analysis the sonic waveforms and calculates tempos and then auto-performs optimal transitions throughout the playlist. The iDJ app is available for iOS devices running iOS 3.2 or above and can be download from iTunes at a cost of $1.99.


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  1. It's a particularly good app. You can add multiple songs or albums at a time as opposed to DJ mixer 3 which only let's you add one song per transfer. It's not perfect, but I'd say it's good enough for people who are interested in starting out learning how to DJ as a beginner app.

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