Is The White iPhone 4 A Hero?

To all mobile users out there, we would like to know of any sticky situation you have found yourself in whereby the use of your handset has been a lifesaver — a real hero!

The idea for this post came from an article done by one of the writers over at IDB, in which one of their readers sent them information regarding the White iPhone 4. Stating that if you go to Apple’s website and right click on the white iPhone 4 image on the homepage, then select “image info” or “view image” the name of the image comes up as white_iphone_hero_20110425.jpg.

Unbeknownst to the writer of the article, this was not Apple changing the name of their device or their web team having a laugh, but what is known as a ‘hero shot’. In photography the ‘hero shot’ is the best picture of a series, often chosen to represent the whole series, as per the definition in the Urban Dictionary.

So we would like to know if you have been stuck in any tricky situations with no one to turn too, but you trusty phone. Please let us know how your handset came to your rescue and saved the day. Please note that we would like to hear stories on all handsets not just the White iPhone 4.


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