Microsoft Buying Skype: New Smartphone Perhaps

Rumours are circulating that Microsoft are close to buying out Skype. Who knows we may see a new smartphone with Skype integrated features in the future.

Moving on from rumours that Google and Facebook were considering a deal to purchase Skype, we are now hearing the Microsoft are looking to be the likely new owners and are finalising a negotiation that is worth over $7 billion dollars.

It is indicated that there could be an announcement sometime today, this is according to a Wall Street Journal source and coming to us by way of Engadget. Considering the rumoured figure of the deal will be a new record for Microsoft over recent years, it will be interesting to see what Steve Ballmer; Microsoft’s Chief Executive will do with Skype if the deal does go through.

Perhaps we could eventually see a Windows Phone incorporated with integrated Skype features? Which would be a great addition, as it would mean customers would be able to make cheaper phone calls over the Internet from their smartphones, thus avoiding the higher rates incorporated by carriers.

What do you think about the possible purchase of Skype by Microsoft? Would you like to see Skype incorporated into mobile phones? Please let us know.

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