Windows Phone Mango Update Preview Date Set

Microsoft have for quite some time now been promising the next major software release for Windows Phone 7, namely the Mango update, but it still hasn’t arrived; however it appears that Microsoft has now confirmed a date when we can learn more about the next major release of Windows Phone.

According to an article over on Engadget, they have now received an invite to a Microsoft VIP event that will apparently preview the newest OS update to Windows Phone 7, and will be held on the 24th of May.

Although the Microsoft invite doesn’t actually mention the Mango update, the “mango-ish” colour of the invite leads the guys to believe this is when Microsoft will showcase all the details of Mango.

The invite actually says…”On May 24th we lift the curtain on the next major release of Windows Phone and we would like you to be the first to see it. Doors open at 9.30 AM.”

The guys say they will be there liveblogging the full preview event, and of course anything that comes to light during the event we will pass it along.

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