Drug Wars Game App Download for iOS Devices

Remember the classic Drug Wars game that we all played on the PC, well you will be happy to know you can now play on your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad etc.

You have got no money and you need a new career, the game play basically asks you to spam the streets with drugs. You will need to go borrow some money from a friend and start the growth from there.

Main App Features Include: Addictive game play, 3 game modes with an extra challenging 5 day mode and new 60 day mode, try to avoid the police or you will go to jail in this fast paced game, Leaderboards on Game Center and OpenFeint, Fun graphics and much more.

Device requirements: iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, make sure you have 17 MB of space free on your device and it does require iOS 4.0 or later.

The good thing about Drug Wars on your iOS device is that if the game is interrupted you can resume, there is a new 60-day game, other new features include: Double tap a drug name to automatically go to the buy or sell screen, Loan and bank interest rates changed, New random interactions, Improved UI for the bank and loan arrows, Bail yourself outta jail, Bug fixes, Debt to the loan shark capped at $50k and much more.

For more information and option to install pleas visit iTunes. Screenshot below –

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