Google In Your House with Android at Home: New

If you like, the idea of being able to operate appliances in your house from you phone, then you may be interested in Google’s ‘Android @ Home’ framework.

The belief of Google is that “every appliance in your home” has the potential to be an accessory for your handset, with the opportunities created being seemingly endless, similar to the sorts of things seen with the home automation by Z-wave.

As stated in the article by the guys at Engadget, the Google team teased at ideas like lights being able to be switched on and off based on calendar events, applications interacting with washing machines, games adjusting automatically for mood lighting, basically it comes down to the little green Android characters dealing with all the menial duties in your home.

One remarkable demo was a concept called the Tungsten, an Android-powered device hub. By using RFID set into CD cases, the device was able to identify the CD and add the music to the library and with another touch, it started automatically.

Whilst the use of CDs may not be ground breaking, it certainly shows that there is the potential for something amazing to come in the future. Unfortunately, we have no news on when exactly these accessories will be launching, but you should see the first released before the end of this year.

Please tell us what you think of Google’s ‘Android @ Home’ framework.

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