Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition Offered on eBay Already

Well that certainly didn’t take long, as you may know at Google I/O 2011, all 5000 attendees were given a limited edition of the new Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet free gratis, and it appears at least one of those attendees has already hit eBay.

According to the guys over on Phone Arena by way of Mobile Syrup, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 limited edition is up for grabs on eBay Canada and currently has a bid of $985.33 Canadian, that’s $1,025.00 US.

So if you are of a mind to own one of the 5000 special edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets from Google I/O 2011 you have 6 days to put in your bid, but no doubt if you really want it, it will cost you way over the odds.

Personally if I was given one of these Android tablets for free I wouldn’t be putting it up for sale on eBay, but then that’s me, there are many in the world who would, and actually there are several up for grabs on eBay.

Anyone tempted to get a bid in for a GooGle I/O Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

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