Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 Honeycomb Update Official

With the official release of Android 3.1 Honeycomb by Google yesterday, there was a software update being rolled out for Motorola Xoom 3G tablets on Verizon.

The new software update for the Motorola Xoom 3G tablets includes home screen widgets, the new web browser, and other features that were promised by Google. One of the major benefits you will notice with the Android 3.1 update, is that the tablet will be operating faster.

Information on the update comes to us from Crunch Gear by way of Liliputing who have stated that the increase in speed of the tablet is due largely to support for hardware graphics acceleration. Some users have reported that the user interface on their tablet feels faster and more responsive, also there are reports that the web browser is faster, with a smoother zooming performance.

Another feature added to the Android 3.1 update is a “check now” button located in the system updates menu, which makes it easier for the user to check for new software updates.

Have you received the new software update for your Motorola Xoom 3G tablet? If so, please let us know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Motorola Xoom Android 3.1 Honeycomb Update Official”

  1. Ron Cannon says:

    Checked for updates today, 5/11/11, but system said up-to-date with version 3.0.1. on my Xoom. How will 3.1 updte be handles?

  2. Luis says:

    I dont get it. Everyone is talking about these updates. One the Verizon update and two the Google 3.1 update. I have yet to see either :(. I brought the xoom like a week after it came out. brought the verizon 3g and its been hell. i love the device but I feel like I wasted so much money on a big false advertisement. They told it come Sd ready (It doesnt) they told me is has Adebe flash (It didnt, I had to wait like a month and so) I love d device but someone pleaseeeee help me. Also, the part where its shows my 3G network is acting wierd. Like I can be in the same spot n its 3G then its 1G and i have to cut the device off and on and its back to 3G. My android x will say 3g connection perfect while my xoom will say 1G. It's been that way since I brought it :(. Any advise?

  3. ITGuy says:

    Where is the SD card. I Want about 200.00 back! Check out the Acer tab for about 450.00. SD card, USB, Flash and more. Yes I feel misled and won't buy anything else from Verizon unless it is working out of the box. By the time they push out the SD card update a new model will be out. Once burned you learn.

  4. Zingel1986 says:

    Heres a voice from Germany.

    I had to wait. so long for a Honeycomb device, so i bought the first model with 3G available in Europe.

    My experience with Android devices is: You can’t trust on the words spoken by the companies. All my droids use a build from Cyanogenmod or anything else from AOSP

    I don’t wait for any Updates because every free developed image is better than stock.

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