PSN Status Offline, Highlights Mobile Cloud Security

Covering news on the Sony PS3 and customers experiences with the PSN outage and offline status is not something we would normally cover but this could actually affect mobile phone and tablet users especially when it highlights ‘Mobile Cloud Security’.

InEntertainment by way of Tom’s Guide has hit on something interesting with the PSN going down and how it could affect mobile phone and tablet users, it is now May 11 and PSN is not back online as of yet and the hack that occurred has got its positives and according to the Tom’s Guide we should be grateful.

Imagine if your voicemail or phone calls are stored in the cloud it is well known that your credit card details and important information will be stored in the cloud, can you imagine if the PSN attack happened within cloud services, security will have to be more stable with less chance of the hacker getting in.

The PSN attack has been very successful indeed and such attacks in other services like Google’s cloud services is possible, it needs to be said that the development of much more secure cloud infrastructures is needed.

We know that the problem with the PSN security is an issue and many customers have suffered, but on the upside of things it makes other services more vigilant to make a better security structure less impenetrable.


13 thoughts on “PSN Status Offline, Highlights Mobile Cloud Security”

  1. I use PSN daily to play with my friends. I understand that quite a few people have changed over to the xbox now that PSN is down. I will not be changing as Sony was the one hacked and would have better security measures than the other companies as they have first hand experience of being hacked. I will stay loyal to Sony and hope PSN will come baxk up soon.

  2. Paul Westfall says:

    Supposed to come back over the next couple days, going by this official announcement on their page:

    I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

  3. deathinc says:

    shakes head starting to wonder if ill bother to play online anymore
    cant trust xbox they are to ban happy besides cost to play
    and cant trust sony to keep theres up or working correctly

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