Enter The Search Ninja App: Google, Bing & More

If you want an easier and quicker way to search the web, then the Search Ninja iOS app could be for you. It uses different search engines on your iPhone like Google and Bing to perform a search.

With ‘Search Ninja’ you can perform a search using a number of search engines, whether you want to search an article on Wikipedia, look up a movie’s rating on IMDb or just perform a good old Google search, this app promises to be your ideal go to search companion.

On the launch of this app, the keyboard is displayed, meaning you can immediately start typing your search. Other features include Google search suggestions so you type less, smart filtering when you type for search history, star searches, a comprehensive Search History and the option to pick your favourite search engines to be displayed on the main screen of your Apple iPhone.

Use the horizontally swipe to move between the different search engines results quickly, you can also delete search engines that are not required and add your own by following a simple 2-step wizard, shake the iPhone to return to searching and so much more…!

The Search Ninja app is fully compatible with the Retina display and iOS 4, and cost $0.99 to download from iTunes. Please note that you must be 17 years or older to download this app. If you install this iOS app, please tell us if it fulfilled your searching needs or if you encountered any problems.

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