Your Love: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry User?

Those that have read some of my articles here on Phonesreview probably know I am one of the Android faithful, while my colleagues Mark and Lawrence are Apple fanboys, although Mark does own an HTC Desire HD as well as the iPhone 4, so there is a little bit of conversion there.

I came fairly late to the smartphone game and chose the Android platform as my first smartphone due to it being a new platform that showed promise, and the first handset I got was the T-Mobile G1, mainly because it had a slide out QWERTY keyboard that I found of great use when typing out messages.

Since then I moved onto the Samsung Galaxy S and have found the Android device to suit my needs perfectly although Android does seem to take its time rolling out OS updates and I am still waiting for Android 2.3 Gingerbread to be released to Samsung Kies, which I find a huge annoyance and would prefer OTA updates, but that aside I’m satisfied at what Android has to offer.

Many prefer the iPhone, but personally I have avoided jumping on that bandwagon as I feel sooner or later Apple will hit a high and not be able to come up with anything new to extend their OS, although the same could be said for any mobile OS. But another thing that stops me from having an iPhone is price; I feel that when Apple pushes out a new iOS device it is beyond many peoples price range whereas more often than not, Android devices can be cheaper on the pocket.

As for BlackBerry, I have always felt the Research In Motion handsets where more for the business orientated person rather than being an everyday handset, but BlackBerry has been a major contender for quite some time and many people opt to go with their OS for security.

The newest addition to the mobile space is of course Windows Phone, an OS that is still basically in its infancy and personally I believe has a long way to go before being up there with the likes of Android and iOS. Maybe Windows Phone 7 will attract more people when it hits Nokia smartphones, but for me personally the Windows Phone OS does attract my personal interest at this time.

So now that I have said all that maybe you are wondering what I am getting at, well we’d like to know what is your love, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. We’d like you to post to our comments area whether you love Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry and the reasons why you chose your favourite smartphone platform, and why you feel it is better than the rest…many thanks in advance.


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  1. Wiober2 says:

    Android, but i am fickle and long for more quality apps and less force closes. It seems crazy to me that they are already talking about ice cream sandwich and most of us do not even have gingerbread 🙁 I do like some of the openness especially for the megavideo apps.

  2. I think that generalizations such as iPhones are the best (if you don't have an iPhone, then you don't have an iPhone, and you're probably not pretentious), BlackBerry is only for business, and Google has its finger in every pie… are just ridiculous. We currently live in an age where there is no more customer service or consumer identity, there is only brands. Having stated that, BlackBerry is going touch-based and into the gaming market, Google is allowing BlackBerry access to their marketplace apps, iPhones are still cranking out new iOS devices every two months and flooding the market. People get what 'brands' they want, and I'm not sure if brand-loyalty has anything to do with it; it is all about wireless service providers now.

    As for me, I'm pretty happy with BlackBerry – I can FTP, web design, collate emails, watch vodcasts, emulate games…. whatever. FYI, BlackBerry just announced their collaboration with Windows Mobile for a new series of OSs and phones to come out in the future.

  3. Bobix says:

    I couldn't agree more with you. I'm a proud owner of HTC Desire HD. Although i only bought it recently i can recommend it to every tech geek out there. Android is a platform that really deserves to be praised, although i see allot of unfair reviews out there bringing it second to ios. I myself wanted an iphone 4, until i compared both os-s. Multitasking feels way much better on android, no need to jailbreak it in order to get to the good stuff, no need for frequent os updates too. Only thing getting a special treatment are apps cuz ios is getting some but only some better apps first. Better hardware on HTC makes your device last longer. Windows phone 7 could be part of the competition but only next year after it's polished. I wouldn't buy it still since android has got what i need.

  4. mediacastlex says:

    Thank you for a well balanced article, I am only too happy to state my affinity for the Windows Phone 7, I got the HTC HD7 since HTC has been putting out some big winners for their offerings. Too many people are just eating up the two look-a-likes, I think that there should be a lot more diversity. I hope that webOS can actually make it right alongside Windows Phone and whatever else might happen to come along…everyone should have their day in the sun! =p

  5. Adam Sahli says:

    I am using a BlackBerry Bold 9650. I am quite young but I feel that the keyboard is the best, bbm is sweet and it's just a better made phone all around. Everyone complains about OS but to me it works great and is easy as hell to use. It's really customizable.

    The new ones coming out look sweet and I'll most likely stay with BlackBerry. I can't lie and say that I haven't looked at the droid pro.

  6. Bryan says:

    First I was going to make fun of the word "orientate", except I just looked it up and it exists! It means "to face or turn to the east" according to Merriam Webster.

    My favorite? HP/Palm Pre. I haven't actually used the phone, but I had to pick that one since it's like the one smartphone platform that wasn't mentioned in the article at all. 🙂

  7. Guest says:

    I find Android and iOS to be far more similar than different. iOS is a bit more polished and its apps are sometimes better realized than the Android equivalents, but not really enough to justify the cost difference.

  8. BedMan says:

    I'm a unix admin by trade, and gravitate toward Android, but my iphone holds me currently. It is simple, it works (now that I'm on verizon) as a phone, and it is a great toy. The level of integration with other devices (if they are apple, of course) is higher than you can currently see with Android. There are a few hiccups, but by and large the iphone is the one in my pocket.

    That said, both my wife and son use android phones due to them costing so much less. As phones they work just as well as an iphone, and if you like to tinker – they are absolutely great, but they are not so great for getting movies running on them, and sharing music is a little more painful.

  9. Guess Who says:

    I am an iPhone owner. First the iPhone 1, and now an iPhone 4. For two reasons: first because I have been a Mac user since 1989, and that means that I have some 22 years of legacy information in Mac format. So it is a Mac ecosystem consideration. Second, I am most comfortable with the fenced Apple environment, for all it's shortcomings, because the apps are vetted, unlike the wild west of the jailbroken iPhone or the Android phones. I have over 100 apps for my iPhone and iPad, and that's enough for me. As for a Windows OS phone, I have never trusted the security of the several generations of Windows, and I have little reason to expect that a windows phone will be different.

  10. Phyllis D says:

    First of all, I am a T-Mobile customer and have been for ten years. Secondly, we live where there is little reception for any carrier. After experiencing a devastating wildfire, I got my first Blackberry because we all of a sudden were living in the city and had numerous appointments etc.and could not have done it without my BB. Now living back in the mountains and realizing the need to be able to communicate if there should be another disaster, I needed a Smartphone such as the Android or iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, texting and the internet to stay in touch. Two weeks ago we got a Verizon iPhone and one AT&T iPhone and compared it to my T-Mobile BB. T-Mobile won hands down. My BB will at least ring even though I cannot complete a call and I receive/send text messaging and also have UMA. Wanting an iPhone regardless, we settled for two AT&T iPhones. The Contacts software for the BB is superior to iPhone for my 700+ contacts. The voice clarity on phones calls is much brighter. Seldom do I get any type of reception on my AT&T iPhone in the mountains. In the city, Verizon was stronger in some places and AT&T in others. I will retain my T-Mobile service and perhaps try an Android phone next.

  11. dumped my iPhone 3G for a windows phone, even though I am a mac user. could not be happier – Office, Xbox and Zune Pass make this a killer phone, and with Mango, it will only get better.

  12. Alan Reid says:

    I've no doubt that some will say that I am "cutting off my nose to spite my face",
    but I'm an avid Android follower and although I think the iPhone is an excellent device , I would not have one for the simple reason that I refuse to be told what I can and cannot do with my own, legally bought , property. I have low profile semi slick tyres on my car but I don't find the manufacturer beating at my door to tell me I can't do that. With very few exceptions, I am legally able to do whatever I want with my own stuff. I reckon Steve Jobs' favourite book must be "Animal Farm", by George Orwell, but I don't think he ever got to the end !!!!!

  13. Nikki says:

    I love my iphone and when I first got a 3gs I said that I would never need to buy another phone, it was perfect, exactly what I needed…. unfortunately I didn´t account for the Apple luring me with the new design of the Iphone 4… but I resisted, well until the white one was out and now have one on order!! I have had the opportunity to use an Android, a friend has a Samsung Galaxy S, and it´s not that I dont like it, I think it´s just what you get used to and I find the iphone much easier to use. I am looking forward to seeing the windows phone in action but I don´t think it is going to drag me away from my trusty Iphone..

  14. Ice_Droid says:

    I've worked in the telecommunications industry for over 12yrs now, starting out on the old Analogue networks with the likes of the Motorola Startack. I've lost count of the numerous mobile devices i have purchased over the years. One thing that has never changed in the mobile industry over the years, is that its still a fast moving industry, the progession of mobile technology is unreal at times and we all should be thankful to all the manufacturers and operators for this!
    I get asked this question a lot iPhone or an Android Device? Simple Android!! Anyone one who knows anything about mobile devices will always choose Android over Apple.
    Now im not an Apple basher, my Wife and Son both use iPhones.
    My own personal reason is that Apple try and prevent you from using your device how you want to, they want you to use it like they want to, i could go on but it is really that simple!
    One area that i do think iPhone is better than Android and thats gaming but the quality of the Android games is slowly but surely creeping up in the Android market place.

  15. Ice_Droid says:


    I hate to miss out Nokia, in the past Nokia was the leeder and brought some amazing handsets (8210) with features like, infa-red, bluetooth, a blue screen and Snake! Yes Snake was the equivalent to the modern day Angry Birds!
    Unfortunatley Nokia's symbian software just never had the appeal and to be honest wasnt that great next to Android and iOS but they are trying to fix this by going down the windows 7 route. Good luck to them, i hope it works!
    Windows 7 – is microsoft, so at some point i would expect this OS to come good but for now its still in its teething stages.
    So myChoice of OS is Android.. my choice of device..?
    Well im over 30 now and as mentioned tried most manufacturers devices and i have found my preference. I stick with HTC, to me HTC is quality, especially when it has Android powering it 🙂
    I could write lots on the different manufacturers but i want people to read this comment.. maybe another time?
    At present i use the HTC Desire HD 😉

  16. Ronny says:

    Thanks for the balance article. I use the Blackberry device. It suits me fine for work and play. I currently use the Torch and I love it. No i-phone for me. I like the droid its nice but I will stick with what works.

  17. BlackBerry – customization, App options (download 3rd party Apps, even with the existing AppWorld), battery life, camera quality (flash, zoom, picture quality), Led light, keyboard shortcuts, amazing UI, external storage (microSD), external convenience buttons (Media, lock, personalized button), and sooooo many many more other reasons

  18. K.C. says:

    Android! I've had the LG Ally for a little over the month now and I love it. I chose this over the Motorola Droid 2 Global for two reasons: One, the Moto 2's keyboard was f-l-a-t, but the Ally has raised, spaced apart keys. Two: The price tag. I was looking for a phone with a good keyboard but something around $50. I might get the Motorola Droid 2 when I get my upgrade but for now I'm a happy LG Ally user.

  19. Elise says:

    Android due to choice of phone designs and manufacturers and due to the fact that everytime I start my computer I don't get yet another annoying message to do something with ITunes which I happily uninstalled. With the added application Touchdown it has made my Android experience even better.

  20. shenzhen2112 says:

    hTC HD7 owner of six moths; that is to say, six months of bliss.
    To be fair, I should say that I loved my previous iPhone and had a short and pleasant (but not euphoric) stint with Android.
    Regardless, Windows Phone 7 is really on to something. Let the fanboys argue all they want. A good portion of the unbiased non-tech pundity types will be using WP7 in the near future.

    *6 months of hTC HD7 and no dropped calls! woot!

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