iPhone 5 Unboxed and Reviewed on Video?

Okay don’t go drooling with anticipation and jealousy that someone has managed to get hold of the next generation iOS smartphone, the iPhone 5 and made an unboxing and review video, because it is not what you might expect.

The iPhone 5 unboxing and review video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile by way of Funny Pictures Blog, and is of YouTube user Joshsobo unboxing and reviewing his personal take on what he calls the iPhone 5.

Basically it’s a funny take on the many unboxing and review videos with Josh offering up a taped together (or blue decals as he says) phone, video camera and a smartphone, and basically takes a humorous pop at the traditional unboxing and reviewing of a mobile device.

Have to say it is pretty funny, so if you are not too disappointed that this isn’t the actual real deal iPhone 5 (although you shouldn’t have expected it) head on down and hit the play button to check out this rather unusual, very sarcastic unboxing and review of the iPhone 5…enjoy.


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