iPhone 5 Is 4S No LTE But Sprint & T-Mobile

The latest rumour on the next generation iPhone is now doing the rounds, rumours we’ve already hear before, that the iPhone 5 will be known as the iPhone 4S and will come packing the same A5 chip found in the Apple iPad 2.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by way of the Boy Genius Report, Forbes is reporting that Peter Misek, an analyst for Jefferies & Co in a note to investors reiterated these rumours claiming the iPhone 5 will be known as the iPhone 4S, have the A5 chip, HSPA+ support and better cameras.

However, more interesting is that Misek also stated that both T-Mobile and Sprint would pick up the iPhone 4S, and apparently the analyst’s note is the first confident claim T-Mobile will gain the iOS smartphone and says Apple will announce deals with Sprint and T-Mobile before the holidays.

Misek also believes that the 4G LTE chip preferred by Apple isn’t available in the vast quantities Apple would require and thus the iPhone 4S will not be 4G compatible.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Is 4S No LTE But Sprint & T-Mobile”

  1. will the Iphone 5 with the dual core. now the Dual core mobile phone seems will be the main stream. Apple have it app and ios advantage, but i think they will follow the main stream, or create a new trend? let's wait for the iphone 5.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK So this just looks terrible. So know we have been waiting three months for a device that is going to specifically be designed to be a lesser iPhone than the one that will come out even LATER and probably not even FOR sprint. The whole 4S Concept is bad and I dont like it. Just give all four carriers the five in September. Im not waiting till the END of December to get it. Im getting a new phone when school starts, not when its half way over. These rumors better be wrong or Sprint is headed down a bad path.

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