HTC Thunderbolt OTA Update: No LTE Fix

For those HTC Thunderbolt users out there on Verizon the long waited for the OTA firmware update has finally arrived. Although there is still no LTE fix.

On May 6, I did an article entitled ‘HTC Thunderbolt Update on Verizon Coming Soon’, which related a ‘COMING SOON’ message that appeared on the support page of the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone after Verizon had delayed the update roll-out — see article here.

Well you will be please to know that you can now grab the update through a manual download, as advised in a Verizon (PDF). Information on the update, which is supposed to fix some of the connectivity issues that some users have been experiencing, comes to us via the guys at Engadget.

The new software update is also expected to speed up GPS updates for Google Maps and VZ Navigator, stabilize data-dependent apps and fix a few small messaging glitches. However, with an upside, there is always a downside and on this occasion that is, the update is only for 3G.

We are glad that the wait is finally over for those HTC Thunderbolt owners awaiting the update, but surely, it would not have hurt Verizon to sort out LTE also. Who knows we may see another update ‘coming soon’ for the LTE fix — I don’t think so, not if the delay to this update is anything to go by. If you have updated your Thunderbolt, please let us know what you think — was it worth the wait?


5 thoughts on “HTC Thunderbolt OTA Update: No LTE Fix”

  1. Ed Stubbs says:

    I have downloaded the update for my Verizon Thunderbolt and I am sad to report, that the phone isn't really that much more improved. Yes, when I add an app, it seems to load faster. When I open an app, it appears to run just a bit quicker.

    But my 3G connnectivity is still very spotted, as ususal, I still need Wi-Fi when I am at home and I know the update wasn't suppose to fix this, but I bought the phone for it's 4G LTE capabilities which I have not been able to enjoy. Oh yea, I bought this phone almost a month ago and still no advertised 4G working and now Verizon is bringing out another "4G" phone.

    1. Quarter says:

      4G isn't everywhere yet. Maybe you should look into some things before posting and embarrassing yourself. I'm in San Diego and I love my 4G haha.

      1. eestubbs says:

        I did look into it before purchasing my phone. Verizon's web site says that my area where I live does have 4G coverage. but I have met three other people in this area with the same problem. If you read up on the update for the Thunderbolt it states that it will improve the 3G connectivity. it never mentions 4G, which is how they advertise the phone. I am happy that you can get 4G in your area.

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