40000 Vegetarian Recipes App: Great Dishes

If you own an Apple idevice and you love vegetarian food, then why not download the ‘40000 Vegetarian Recipes’ app and have great dishes at hand all the time.

The 40000 Vegetarian Recipes iOS app enables you to find favourite or new and untried vegetarian recipes via an extensive library of wonderful dishes, an ideal app for those who have gone meatless.

This recipe app has numerous traditional and very inventive meal ideas, which are made with fresh vegetables and proteins like tofu, legumes and tempeh. The easy to follow photo recipes displayed on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen, make it very easy to cook great authentic and delicious vegetarian food.

With over 40,000 recipes and 15,000 pictures, most of the recipes contained within the ‘40000 Vegetarian Recipes’ app are fully illustrated, with beautiful photos and English text. You can search for recipes by name of dish or even by what ingredients you have in your fridge and browse the recipes by cuisine.

If you enjoy vegetarian dishes then why not head on over to iTunes and download the 40000 Vegetarian Recipes app, currently priced at £2.39 ($3.99) and enjoy!


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       hi Elizabeth,

      I have been trying to get in touch via your website email but to no avail.

      do you have an other email I could use, I have questions about the incubator, tempeh and lot more etc.

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