Angry Birds Real Life Video, Also Coming To Chrome

If you love Angry Birds then seeing it come to Chrome and real life will excite you just a little, below we have two videos on each of the above.

Angry Birds is very popular indeed on mobile phones and we all know how addictive it is, well thanks to Mashable they have a video, which you can see below courtesy of HastalosJuegosTV. The video is quite funny considering it contains Angry Birds in the street on a massive scale.

The real life Angry Birds is to promote Deutsche Telekom’s new services, watch the first video below and let us know what you think of it.

Whilst on the subject of Angry Birds you will be happy to know it is coming to Google Chrome web browser according to TechTree, apparently you will be able to play this addictive game on just about any browser. There will be exclusive features and so much more, please watch the YouTube video courtesy of AngryBirdsNest.

Are you addicted to Angry Birds? Do you have any problems you wish to chat about? Please use the comments area below and let us know all about Angry Birds, before you do that please watch the two YouTube Videos Below.

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