Apple Product Launch May 19: What Will They Unveil?

Apple is going to have a new product launch on May 19 and we would like to know “What will they unveil?” could it be the new iPhone 5 aka 4S, new MobileMe, MacBook refresh or even NFC technology for the Apple products?

What we do know is that Apple will be celebrating its 10th anniversary of the Apple Store and mysterious shipments and display units have been sent out to stores, something big is about to happen on May 19 and we will let you know on this day.

BGR has some very interesting information such as 10-15 persons will be doing shifts at each Apple store and that they will be working very late Saturday all the way through mid-Sunday, employees will have to lock mobile phones in the main office and will be required to sign an NDA with Apple. The list goes on so please visit the source above for more information.

If you think you can look through the window of an Apple store think again, employees will be erecting big black curtains to keep your eyes outside.

So what product do you think Apple will unveil? Please let us know in the comments area below, cannot wait to read what you are thinking.


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