New iPhone Will Not Feature 4G Says Analyst

The rumours and speculation continue surrounding the next-gen iPhone, according to an analyst in an iDB article, the new iPhone will not feature 4G capabilities.

This debate on ‘4G’ coming with newest Apple iPhone has raged on for a while, initially it was thought that the latest iPhone would come with 4G/LTE. However, Apple made a statement during their last earning’s call stating that 4G would “force a lot of design compromises” that the company ”was not willing to make”, see statement here provided by iDB.

Please note that there has been a new update to AT&T’s marketing strategy, which has changed the requirements for devices to be labelled ”4G”. It is now believed that the next-gen iPhone would fall within these requirements. Now, an analyst from BMO Capital is stating that Apple will not release a 4G iPhone until at least 2012, this release period coincides with my colleague James’ article dated February 25.

In a quote from the Huffington Post, provided in an article from the guys at iDB, it states “The device’s battery life would take a substantial hit from 4G data transfer,” Bachman explained. He opines that the next iPhone release will be “more evolutionary than revolutionary” and might feature “a better camera and perhaps different casing.”

Another analyst recently indicated that the next-gen iPhone would come with HSPA+ support, so expect to see 4G compatibility. However, whether the carriers are actually ready to support the iPhone with 4G is an entirely different matter. What do you think, will the next-gen iPhone come with 4G?


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  1. The rumors continues about the configuration, design and the launch date of the next phone in the iPhone series. The next iPhone will be definitely better than the present iPhone 4 even though it is also very good and doing well in the market.

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