HTC EVO 3D RadioShack Pre-order Available

For those who have been waiting to shove in a pre-order for the Sprint HTC EVO 3D smartphone, you may like to know that you can now place your pre-order for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset with RadioShack, although apparently you’ll need to ask for it.

According to the guys over on Ubergizmo and by way of Engadget, RadioShack started pre-orders for the HTC EVO 3D yesterday, but it isn’t advertised, thus the need to ask for it and The deal is you’ll be required to fork out for a 50 buck RadioShack gift card for the privilege of pre-ordering the device.

Having said that, once you place your pre-order for the Android smartphone that touts glasses free 3D viewing, you still won’t know when you’ll actually get your hands on the device as the launch date for the HTC EVO 3D is still unknown.

So if you wish to pre-order the HTC EVO 3D from RadioShack you’ll need to hit up your local store as online pre-order isn’t available on this one. So any of our readers tempted to hit up RadioShack and pre-order the handset?


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