iPhone and iPad FaceTime Doctor Consultation Apps Coming

It’s the age of technology, an age when you can do most things from your smartphone or tablet, and the medical profession are not being left behind in that tech as apparently Healthcare firm Teladoc, who have been in the doctor consultation via webcam business for some year are going to release apps for the iPhone and Apple iPad.

According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog, by way of Mobiledia, the company intends on releasing iOS app that take advantage of FaceTime later in the summer for patient/doctor consultations over video.

Jason Gorevic, the CEO of Teladoc states that only licensed professionals will perform the “virtual visits” for “routine medical issues” with typical appointment length lasting twelve minutes and a waiting time of approximately twenty minutes, but the doctor visits will be on demand 24/7.

Of course even a virtual consultation doesn’t come free, and the firm says it is a qualified expense for FSA, HRA and HAS accounts and once the “visit” has finished your credit card is charged and you can request a receipt for reimbursement or deductibles.

So what do our iOS readers think of this FaceTime doctor visit idea, would you opt to be visited by the doc over FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad, or do you prefer the more traditional means of doctor contact?

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