Lose Weight Fast with Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker App

There are many of you out there that would like to lose weight fast, well moving into the right direction of an android app called “Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker” may just be the answer.

This Android application is a great dieting tool that allows users to log all data such as nutritional data for over 200,000 foods, track weight loss, healthy recipes, popular exercises and so much more. This app is a great addition to the highly popular CalorieCount.com site that has around 3-million members, and with that sort of number you know this app is a good one.

Main App Features Include: Facebook Connect integration, easy-to-use graphical dashboard that allows you to visualize your dieting progress, search and log more than 200,000 food items, Tools to view current and past food, activity and weight logs, Compare intakes and daily burn expenditure, Access to Calorie Count’s daily blog, ability to record daily weight and view charts, Your CalorieCount Member account will be automatically updated whether you log information through a computer or the Android app and so much more.

Losing weight fast seems to be on a lot of minds this year and there are millions of apps that can help, the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker app seems to be very popular indeed so we thought we would let you know about it.

For more information and option to install please visit the Android Market and grab it, this application is totally free. If you already have this app installed on your Android device please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks

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