Queen Elizabeth iOS App: The Virgin Queen’s History

Are you a history buff with an iOS device, someone that loves to read about royal history, if so there’s an ebook app available on the Apple App Store that gives you all you need to know about the history of the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I.

The app is simply called Queen Elizabeth and is for the iPhone, iPod Touch ad Apple iPad and delivers a concise background of the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty; sometimes know as Good Queen Bess.

Queen Elizabeth the first was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and after the death of her mother was declared illegitimate. Elizabeth’s brother Edward VI bequeathed the English crown to Lady Jane Grey but his will was put aside and Elizabeth began her reign as Queen of England and Ireland in 1558.

In the Queen Elizabeth iOS app the user gets to learn all about the reign of Elizabeth I, the Elizabethan era famous for such icons as William Shakespeare, and Sir Francis Drake and although some historian depict Elizabeth as short tempers and indecisive, after 44 year reign Elizabeth was celebrated as the ruler of a golden age.

Want to know more? Then you can download the Queen Elizabeth ebook to your Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running iOS 3.1.2 or above from iTunes at a cost of $0.99.

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