Next iPhone 4G Technology: China Mobile & Apple Agreement

Many reports are coming in covering the new iPhone 5 (4S) so much so that everyone is asking if the next-generation Apple smartphone will be featuring 4G technologies, well the latest news says that a China Mobile and Apple agreement has been made.

A report via Marketwatch by way MacRumors suggests that Apple and China Mobile have both agreed on 4G being featured on the future iPhone, we all know that the iPhone 4 uses 3G technologies to access the Internet etc and for 4G to be incorporated will speed Internet searches.

Wang Jianzhou, China Mobiles Chairman has not given any details about this agreement or the deal with Apple but is starting commercial trials of the 4G-technology aka LTE next year in China. We must stress that Apple and China Mobile have not come forward in giving out official statements so we should take this lightly until an official announcement has been made.

If this was to go ahead it will more than likely happen in 2012 and no sooner, yes the next Apple smartphone being it the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will come end of 2011 but this will be without 4G LTE. Please visit Bloomberg because they have some very interesting news covering the above also.

What do you think of the news above, please do let us know, as your views are very important to us? Just out of curiosity do you think the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

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