NDrive App For WebOS 2.1 Devices: HP Veer Navigation

For the webOS fans out there that may have the HP Veer smartphone, you just might require a little navigation app for your smartphone, and now NDrive has announced that the NDrive navigation app is available for the HP Veer and webOS 2.1 devices.

The NDrive for the HP Veer app is the first fully integrated on-board GPS turn-by-turn navigation system for the HP Veer, and also offers more than just navigation, such as navigate and check in with Foursquare, and real time weather reports from myweather.com.

The NDrive webOS app for WebOS 2.1 or above devices so not just the HP Veer but the Palm Pre 2 and Palm Pre Plus as well also offers the ability to discover money saving coupons with Nearby Offers, and the ability to share via Facebook.

The CEO of NDrive, Luis Baptista-Coelho says, “NDrive’s going to be among the first turn-by-turn navigation developers to settle at the fast-growing webOS community, similar to that of our adaptation as first movers to the other app stores.”

The NDrive app for the HP Veer is available to download to your webOS smartphone from the WebOS App Catalogue and commands a price tag of $39.92.

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