RIM Against The World Infographic: Who Will Win

There are many lovers of BlackBerry smartphones out there and RIM has recently added a few tablet lovers to their followers, but have you ever wondered why user love their Blackberry device so much or what Research In Motion faces ahead? Well we have an infographic that lets you know about that.

The RIM Versus the World infographic comes our way courtesy of Geekaphone who made the infographic that shows worldwide smartphone market share, BlackBerry Enterprise serve against the iPhone, and major components of BES.

The infographic also covers why people love Research In Motion, a CEO comparison between Steve Jobs, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, comparison of app stores, and major acquisitions of the BlackBerry maker.

So if you are into knowing about Research In Motion and what they are going to face in the mobile arena feel free to check out the infographic below and post your opinion to our comments area below.


One thought on “RIM Against The World Infographic: Who Will Win”

  1. Well Android 's are going to run in to difficulty, because manufacturers will be completely depedent on Google for OS upgrades and changes. There will be conflicts with late breaking hardware and Google software, although Android will work well with proven and dated hardware. Google doesn't always make the best stuff and can't possibly satisfy everyone. Since Samsung, Sony etc and all their competitors will essentially have the same device, it is going to be a game of chasing the lowest price which should make it the least favourable to carriers and they will promote them less. This will reduce margins and make it almost impossible for manufacturers to directly fund R&D for better devices – although I'm sure we'll see many lose alot of money trying to indirectly fund R&D by using profits from other departments like Microsoft has done for decades.

    Apple competencies are a good touch screen, apps, and general stability. These things should be easily matched by Android, and since their devices are the same, I see the greatest threat to Apple and not RIM.

    RIM's phones are different – they have a keyboard which business users love. They have a touch screen, they are the most secure, and data compression is the best. QNX is by far the most stable and powerful operating system thanks to its microkernel Linux based code. It is really magic.

    I think QNX is the best investment RIM ever made. I think it alone will be worth more than the market capitalization of RIM today. It will be in cars, phones, tablets and laptops and other devices.

    What is funny is that everyone is praising Microsoft. Anyone tried the Acer tablet with Windows? It's like using Windows 7 on a tablet. Its exactly the same. It's not optimized at all. It sucks. Hundreds of millions and all Microsoft can cook up is resuing the same OS that they already have, that noone particularly loves. Good work guys. I guess analysts were to busy getting a BJ from Jobs and getting their hate on for RIM, to make time to beat up Microsoft for this.

    The US media is out of control. It's a bunch of nationalists trying to praise silicon valley. I will never buy an Apple or Android just because I'm not a sheeple that the digital bloggers and US newspapers can control. I wish Google News would stop placing US news at the top of my results – it is always so self-serving. To look at QNX and not at least once praise it for its obvious speed and stability advantages is definitely bias. Had this been Apple, they certainly would have looked the other way for its shortcomings (as they always do).

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