Asus Eee Transformer Tablets: Walmart Out Of Stock Online

Walmart had the 16GB and 32GB Asus Eee Transformer tablet for sale for a little bit but now they have sold out online.

If you was one that was looking to purchase the Asus Eee Transformer tablet PC via Walmart you will be a little unhappy to find that they have no stock at all anymore, does this mean it is a popular device?

If you visit these two Walmart Pages (16GB Tablet / 32GB Tablet) you will notice they have not called it the Transformer but instead have named it “Asus 10.1″ IPS Tablet PC, Black/Brown”, wonder why they have not called it the Transformer?

Walmart was selling the Asus Eee Transformer 16GB model for $398 and the 32GB version was on sale for $498.

Please let us know if you bought the Transformer tablet online and if so where from and how much, please remember when letting us know where you bought it from what GB model is it and how much you paid. Thanks

Source — Droid-Life


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