No 4G iPhone This Year So Get Over It

There have been many reports of late that there will not be any new iPhone handsets coming from the Apple camp sporting 4G technology for the foreseeable future anyway, but people continue to post article over this fact.

The latest article on the subject if from Forbes by way of DigiTimes who reports that Apple is “unlikely” to deliver LTE enabled iPhone 4S handsets in 2011, although apparently they originally planned to do so, but that plan changed due to yield rates of the LTE chips.

Apparently the 4G LTE iPhone will not arrive until sometime next year according to unnamed sources as the implementation of LTE networks has yet to mature.

According to the Forbes article the only 4G handset available in the US is the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon which uses 2 chips, one Samsung chip for 4G the other a Qualcomm chip for 3G, and as chip makers wont be offering single 4G / 3G chips until later in the year, there will be not 4G iPhone.

So there you have it, if you are still holding out hope that Apple will deliver the iPhone 4S with 4G support, it isn’t going to happen so basically everyone might as well get over it.

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