iPhone Battery Life Massive Improvement Tip Guide

Now let’s face it the iPhone battery isn’t known for being a long laster, but apparently there are ways to improve the battery life in your iPhone so you don’t have to keep charging the damn thing, and we have a guide for you that apparently improves the iPhone battery “like a billion percent.”

The guide to improving your iPhone battery comes via Zdnet, and the first thing you do is throw your iPhone away and buy an Android device…no only joking, for the guide continue reading…

Go to the “Setting App” then scroll down until you see “Fetch New Data” if the setting is set to “Push” or “15 Min” then the iOS device is going to eat your battery like a medieval king noshing on a roast pig. So all you do is go into the “Fetch New Data” sub-menu and set “Push” to off and set “Fetch” to manual.

Apparently after which the job is done…simple, and your iPhone battery should last you quite a bit longer before requiring charging. So if any of our iPhone toting readers give this a go feel free to let us know if it does indeed improve the battery, otherwise get an Android, sorry couldn’t resist.


2 thoughts on “iPhone Battery Life Massive Improvement Tip Guide”

  1. peter says:

    this is such old news that i'm surprised it's making the rounds all over again. besides, any real world email user will be checking his or her email just as often manually, so this shortcut doesn't really make a difference. the iphone battery life is something that has been in the news since day one — your article and presentation is hardly a revelation and simply impractical.

  2. Al says:

    This does indeen work, my 3GS required charging every day until I turned push off, now can easily last 2, massive improvement just by one simple thing.

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