iOS, Android, WP7, Symbian^3 Browser Speed Battle Video

When it comes to mobile operating systems each one is pitted against the other sooner or later to test which one is quicker, and today we have such one OS battle video for your viewing pleasure that puts iOS up against Android, against Windows Phone 7 against Symbian^3 in a battle of browser speeds.

The OS confrontation video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of YouTube user S7yler, which shows the browser speed battle with iOS 4 on the iPhone 4 of course, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc running Android, the Samsung Omnia 7 running Windows Phone 7 and the Nokia N8 running Symbian^3 of course.

The video shows the speed of each system browser with the cache having been cleared previously, and followed by seeing how the browser rotates on each device and followed by a bootup time battle, but which smartphone will come out tops?

Well to find that out you are just going to have to head on down and hit that play button to check out this browser speed confrontation battle between the top four operating systems…enjoy.


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