BT, Everything Everywhere 4G LTE Cornwall Trials Require Volunteers

With the USA fast rolling out 4G LTE networks one has to wonder just when the UK will start entering into the 4G LTE space, but apparently 4G LTE trials are to begin in Cornwall in a joint project between BT and Everything Everywhere, and they are looking for volunteers for the trials.

According to Ubergizmo by way of the BBC, the 4G LTE trial will be tested in South Newquay, Cornwall, starting is September and running to December and will apparently be focusing on “expensive to reach” rural areas.

A consultation period into how the 4G spectrum will be divided amongst UK networks has already started and 4G spectrum goes up for auction in the UK early next year.

The T-Mobile and Orange partnership, Everything Everywhere along with BT have been allotted part of the 800 MHz spectrum for the Cornwall trial, a spectrum which is presently being used by analogue televisions, which will eventually be turned off.

Apparently the 4G trial is an experiment to find out if 4G LTE can deliver a cheap means of delivering high speed Internet to areas regarded as black spots with no or slow broadband connect.

So once the trial has been done and if all is successful 4G LTE is planned to be rolled out in the UK by 2014, so perhaps by then we will see some 4G enabled smartphones hit UK shores.

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