Nexus S Google Wallet Hands On Video

No doubt unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere you will have heard of the latest piece of tech from the Google Guys, the Google Wallet for Android smartphones that uses NFC technology, and something eBay isn’t too pleased about as we reported earlier. But if you’d like to see Google Wallet in action we have a hands-on video for your viewing pleasure below.

The Google Wallet vending on the Google Nexus S hands on video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Engadget, whereby they purchase a Coke from a vending machine using Google Wallet.

The guys say that using Google Wallet to purchase is easy when buying from a vending machine; you choose your drink and then swipe your handset over the sensor when you are ready to pay and Bob’s your uncle, job done.

So if you are curious to see Google Wallet in action with a vending machines head on down and mash the play button…enjoy. Oh and we’d love to know if any of our readers will be using Google Wallet in the near future.


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