Weight Loss Diet Personal Plans via Diet2Go Android App

There are thousands of weight loss apps for your Android device, and when it comes to weight loss diet personal plans the Diet2Go Android app would be a good addition to have.

The Diet2Go Android app is totally free via the Android Market and comes with many features that makes this a fantastic dieting tool that will guide you through your perfect weight loss plan, seeing as it is free we say that it is worth installing onto your device.

This is a great little app that requires Android 1.6 OS and up and 987k of free space, this is your perfect pocket-size weight-loss manager, main features include: largest mobile weight-loss forum, Day by day and meal by meal weight loss guidance, this application will give users meal reminders of when it is time for upcoming meals that helps speed up your weight-loss process.

This app also gives users a complete grocery list for every diet plan, comes with BMI, BMR and Daily energy expenditure calculators, weight-loss tips & tricks, Facebook sharing, Automatic diet updating, Imperial and metric units and so much more.

If you would like more information before installing please visit the official Diet2Go website, if you are happy to go ahead with installing onto your Android device please visit the Android Market. If you have already installed this app please do send us your personal reviews, if you are about to install please come back and let us know what you think. Thanks


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Apps apps apps.. It seems the apps market is never going to get slow and always there will be some new apps ready for the users.

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