iPhone 5 WWDC Announcement, Invitation Speculation: Your Views

WWDC 2011 is kicking off June 6 and it is to announce OS and Mac OS X, but speculations suggest something big is going to happen and more will be revealed, some saying possibly the Apple iPhone 5.

Today Show contributor and Channel 9 technology editor Charlie Brown tweeted on Twitter was invited to WWDC event in San Francisco in June; the tweet was quickly retracted according to Cnet Austrarila. Could this be down to the fact something big is coming.

The tweet said “I think something big will be announced on June 6th in San Fran, by #Apple. I have just been invited to attend the event,”

Of course there are always speculations this time of year before WWDC, could the iPhone 5 (4S) be announced as well? If we look at every other year, the iPhone has always been announced at this event in June so why would next month be any different.

Surely Apple would not waste all its money planning and holding a big event for just an operating system, which would be pure madness. Why would Apple invite a Channel 9 representative just for an OS update, something big is about to happen and Apple is keeping its mouths tightly closed?

If you visit Electricpig.co.uk, they have an in-depth article speculating the same coming to the same conclusion. Many UK journalists from major publications are also being invited to the big event, no way would these big names be invited for an OS update. Could Apple really be announcing the big iPhone 5 or is this all speculation just to get customers excited.

Below we have put a poll together and all we need from you is a vote, it is a simple yes, no or maybe. Get the votes in now.

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Source – iTechReport

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